Privacy Policy

We, at Quick Utilities, understand the value of your privacy. As being a certified tech company we give utmost care to the confidentiality of our users, customers, clients, and associates. In an attempt to keep our platform neat and clean from cyber criminals and information hackers, we have put the best people at work to keep the data protected from unauthorized access. We are PCI-DSS level 1 compliant. It means, all of the information we receive and store about our users always remain protected and encoded. We offer our services under compliance of the Privacy Act of 1974. We give the right to our users and customers to review information, request corrections, and the right to be informed of any disclosure.

No Information Required

As being committed to protecting privacy, we don't demand information like email id, phone number, and don't ask any questions from individuals while accessing our website. Our website is free to access from every corner of the world. Whether you need to educate yourself or fix any error, we allow everyone to access our site and read details about the solution for free and without sharing any kind of information.

Information Required

Note that in order to get assistance from our experts; it is important to share some basic details such as name, email address, contact number, date of birth, and billing address. More specifically, for home services we might ask for address proof as well. If you don't want to share your details but need home services from our side then it will not be possible. Though you can avail our online services without sharing your personal information with ease of mind.

What We Do With Your Stored Information

Be informed that we never share our customer information in any form with anyone. As we are independent technical service providers, we don't share business relationships with any other third party company. So, you can be sure of the 100% protection of your privacy. Information like your email id, phone number, billing address, email address, and card details always kept confidential even after or before the services.

Why Do We Collect Information

Your personal basic information helps us to streamline our services. Information about your location, total time you spent, device you used to access our site, and content you read helps us to understand how we can make our services better. Your information also helps us to maintain and customize our services to ensure and enhance the customer satisfaction. All of your information is kept under a thick layer of protection.

Cookies policy

By accessing our website, you express your consent and agree to our cookies policy. We reserve the right of storing safe and small sized cookies in your system. Cookies are important from the point of better user experience as well. The presence of cookies in the system makes the process of accessing our site hassle-free and convenient. With cookies saved in your system, you can access our services faster and earlier. However, note that whenever you wish, you always can delete our cookies from your service. 

Right of users

As being a customer centric company, we give the right to all of our customers to request us not to save, delete, and change your information in our database. By right of users, we mean that you have the right to ask us to delete your information. However, be  informed that if you opt for removal of your information from our database then we will not be able to continue to offer our hassle-free services to you.

Change of policy

Be informed that Quick Utilities reserve the right to change any particular or all sections of privacy policy. Hereby we clear that at any point of time we can change our services partially or completely. Whatever kind of changes we wish; we will incorporate them without taking any prior approval from you. If you don't agree to our policies or have an objection to any section mentioned above, you can stop accessing our services.

Contact us

As we always love to hear what our customers have to say about us, feel free to contact us. If any doubt is left in your mind about our services, product, or even if you have any complaint, don't hesitate from contacting us. Our helplines are open and representatives always get ready to help you with everything from product to service and return to refund.