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A Guideline for HP Printer Wireless setup without CD

  • 26 May, 2022
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An Introduction to HP Printer Wireless setup without CD


People often get stuck at setting up their HP printer wireless setup. In this particular article, we have discussed this issue that people usually face while hp printer setup. How to install and set up an HP printer online and how to do it without the help of cd. As various issues arise while setting up the HP wireless printer such as getting issues while setting up HP printer wireless without a CD or setting up HP printer wired or installing the HP printer with USB, or installing and setting up the 123.hp.com/setup but we will be focusing on setting up it without the use of the cd. 

All the hp printers require an essential installation procedure that is either wired or a wireless setup. Both the wired and the wireless setups of the hp printers contain different ways to set up hp printers. In this article, we have covered three main issues with its solutions : installing and setting up a HP printer without cd, how to install an HP printer, and HP printer setup that is wired and wireless.


Step by step guideline for HP printer wireless setup without CD

Below are the essential steps that will help you in your hp printer setup if you don’t have the cd:

- Begin with checking if your hp printer is showing any network with wireless connections or not.

- Following this, take the help of the user manual and find the power button and click ON.

- Now if your hp printer gets switched on, try connecting it with the router. This indeed is the most crucial step in setting up your hp printer wireless setup without cd.

- If you find any sort of difficulty here, you can always visit the official HP website or directly 123.hp.com/setup. Visiting this will help you install the hp printer’s drivers.

- Make sure that you enter the correct model number of the hp printer.

- Next, start the installation process of printer driver download and continue to the next step.

- After that, begin with installing the HP smart application from HP official website, this process will assist you with the hp printer setup process.

- Now choose the NEXT option that you can see in the hp printer setup window till the setup gets completed.

- The moment the printer setup is done you will see the READY TO USE option on your display screen.

- It is at this point that all the necessary steps to initiate the hp printer setup are done. Now test your setup by giving a print to the HP printer.

Therefore, the above steps will help you to set up the HP printer setup without CD effectively. 


Essential steps to Install and setup HP printer wireless setup with CD

Now if you have the CD and wish to set up your hp printer with the help of the CD we are sharing below steps for setting up HP printer wireless setup with CD:

- This setup involves the easiest steps as the process of installing an HP wireless printer setup with CD just involves inserting the CD into the drive. After that, you will be asked to follow the instructions on screen. 

- The on-screen instructions that you see will state: ‘start by connecting HP printer with a wireless network and ensure the system and router are well-connected to each other. Next, ensure the verification by network name and the password.’

Along with these, we are sharing the simple steps to set up your HP wireless printer on your Windows:

- Start with opening up the ink cartridge access door. Wait for a few moments as the carriage should be silent and idle before going onto the other step.

- Now carefully try removing the tape from the ink cartridge. This should be done before inserting the cartridges in the printer carriage.

- With the utmost care close the cartridge access door and then follow the next instructions that are given on the HP printer.

- In the last step, follow the instructions that you see on the alignment page that will complete the ink cartridge alignment.

To sum up, we have covered all the methods that will help you install the wired and the wireless connections with the hp printers. This step-by-step guide will help HP printer wireless setup without CD and with the help of CD as well. By following the above-mentioned steps, you can easily and successfully set up your hp printer. Although we have provided all the needed steps and explanations to resolve this error, if you are not able to figure out the issue effectively you can contact HP’s customer care by visiting their official website.


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