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How to fix going Offline Printer Error – Step-by-step process

  • 26 May, 2022
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Although various problems occur while working with the HP printer, the most common error is the HP printer going offline. This error might not give you any prior reason as to why this occurred. Once you set up 123.hp.com/setup it might face some issues while working, if you are getting trouble with how to connect a canon printer to Wi-Fi you can follow our blogs for more information. This article is based entirely on how to fix the HP printer going offline error. We have completely explained all the reasons that can cause this error also with the troubleshooting steps. So, if you ever face a problem where your HP printer going offline error occurs simply follow the below-mentioned steps to resolve the issue.

What is the HP printer going offline error?

Sometimes you see that your HP printer shows the status ‘offline’ on your computer which disables the printing commands to the USB cable that connects the HP laserJet pro printer. If your hp printer is network-connected, hover over to the printer status ‘offline’ when you try to take out print using the network connection in Windows.


‘Offline’ usually specifies that your computer now can not connect with the hp printer, the reason can be your printer is turned off, or may the USB cable go disconnected, or maybe the printer settings are set to use the printer in offline mode.


Other indications for the HP printer going offline error: your hp printer gets freeze or hangs while working, hp printer icon indicates offline status or turn grey, changes in the default printer driver or the hp printer lost connection with the printer while entering the sleep mode. We have given below the solutions for the various reasons for the hp printer going offline error.


Solving the HP printer going offline error:

Procedure 1: Turning of SMART INSTALL

- Open the SERVICE menu on the printer control panel.

- Open SMART INSTALL and choose OFF.


- Test by printing.

Procedure 2: Performing a POWER RESET and connection CHECK

- Start by resetting the power to the hp printer is a quick method to reset the printer and 

Organize it for further troubleshooting if needed.

- Turn on the printer if it is off and check status: if the prints are starting from the hp printer queue, it means the printer is automatically clearing out the queued prints and is on online mode. 

- If it still shows offline, make sure that your printer is receiving adequate power and try using a USB-powered accessory.

- Next up, try disconnecting the power cord from the hp printer, also unplug the printer power from the main wall passage but make sure your printer is turned on. This will take 60 seconds.

- Check the USB connection and check if it is damaged or not. Following which restart your system and wait while it reboots.

- Now by reconnecting the power cable to the hp printer and also plug the power cord into the wall passage.

- Start the printer by pressing the power button if it does not get turned on by itself. Test it by taking a print. If you can print the error is resolved.

Procedure 3: Checking the USER PRINTER OFFLINE setup

- Check and update the printer's print queue by setting it up to print online.

- Next, hover over to DEVICES and PRINTERS, right-click on the printer and choose the see what’s printing option.

- By selecting the printer, select ‘clear any selections.

- After removing the selections, test it by giving a print, if you succeed in doing so your printer is online.

Procedure 4: By using HP print and the Scan Doctor

- Use the hp free tool named HP PRINT and SCAN DOCTOR to fix the hp printer going offline error.

- By downloading and running HP Print and scan doctor tool will quickly perform various troubleshooting tasks that will fix this issue.

Procedure 5: By Resetting the Default Print driver

- One of the reasons for this is maybe that the default print driver has changed. Change it to the originally installed printer driver and continue the print.

- By opening devices and printers. Look out for the original print driver that was previously installed.

- You can make sure by checking the green check signs.

- But if the print driver is not selected as the default, click right click on the printer driver and make the selection by setting it as the default printer.

- Test it by giving a print. 

To sum up all, above mentioned tips will solve the issue and you don’t have to continue with the troubleshooting. 


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