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HP Laptop Won't Connect To Wi-Fi: Fix HP Laptop Is Not Connecting To Wi-Fi

  • 25 May, 2022
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Frustrated? Overwhelmed? Don't know why your brand new HP laptop is not able to connect to Wi-Fi on Windows 7, 8, or 10? Worry not. Solutions are available to all types of problems. This webpage is all about what to do when your HP laptop won't connect to Wi-Fi. In case you are not a great fan of reading you can contact us and get help.

HP laptop won't connect to Wi-Fi Windows 10

Why can't I get my HP laptop to connect to Wi-Fi? I get this question whenever I recommend people to use HP laptops to enjoy a fast and hassle-free internet experience. Undoubtedly, the problem of an HP laptop being not able to connect to Wi-Fi is frightening but is less likely to occur. A piece of good news is that there are many simple tips and tricks available with the help of which you can fix the problems and connect your HP laptop to Wi-Fi on Windows 10, 8, and 7 with ease of mind. The first step to fix the problem is to understand those responsible reasons that prevent the HP laptops from connecting to the internet or Wi-Fi. Until and unless you fix the below-mentioned problems even the latest brand - HP Pavilion won't connect to the internet.

  • Bug in wireless network adapter drivers.
  • Hardware fault in your laptop.
  • Corrupt Microsoft Windows.
  • Misconfigured BIOS settings.
  • Problem in router firmware.
  • Incorrect router settings.
  • Server down of your internet service provider.

How to fix HP laptop not connecting to Wi-Fi problems? 

Here comes the most exciting part of this content as we are going to discuss the simple steps to follow to connect your HP laptop to Wi-Fi. In the last section, you might have noticed that there are so many areas where the actual problem might lie. For a layperson, it might not be possible to detect where exactly the problem is. In such a case, you must consider all the below-mentioned steps in the sequence as I have laid them out for you.

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Use automatic troubleshooting to detect the problem

Microsoft comes with the promise of making things simpler. The high level of simplicity is quite evident in the process of problem detection as well. The same is true with detecting the problem of HP laptops not connecting to Wi-Fi. Be informed that HP laptops and Windows both come with automatic troubleshooting features.

HP automatic troubleshooting program is known as HP Support Assistance. On the other hand, Windows automatic troubleshooting software is known as Network and Internet troubleshooting. You can use either one or both troubleshooting programs to find and fix many network and internet connection issues including the problem of the HP laptop is no connection to internet Wi-Fi.

Reinstall the wireless network adapter driver to connect your HP laptop to Wi-Fi

The wireless network adapter driver plays a very important role to establish the connection between the device and network. You can think of a wireless network adapter driver as a program that bridges the gap between Wi-Fi and your device. If you want your HP laptop to never fail to connect to WiFi on Windows 10, 8, and 7 then make sure your network adapter driver is updated and free from infection. By updating your adapter driver you can get rid of a broad range of problems. The great news is that there are many ways to update your wireless adapter driver. You can pick up any below-mentioned method to update your wireless network.

  • You can get driver updates from HP.
  • With the help of HP Support Assistance, you can find updates automatically in Windows.
  • You can install an updated Wireless Lan Driver using Device Manager.

Alternative ways to fix HP laptop won't connect to Wi-Fi Window 7, 8, 10? 

If you have tried everything but found no solution then not an issue. There are a few more options available with the help of which you can fix the error of the laptop not connecting to Wi-Fi. Let's not forget that a computer or laptop comes with a lot of parts assembled together. It is important that all the parts work perfectly to avoid conflict. By keeping in mind the below mentioned information in your mind you can help your HP laptop to connect to Wi-Fi on Windows 10 with ease of mind.

  • Check and reset the hardware of your HP laptop to connect it to Wi-Fi
  • The presence of a virus in your Microsoft Windows can also prevent your HP laptop from connecting to Wi-Fi. In such a case, you can perform a Microsoft System Restore.
  • Restore BIOS settings for your computer to default settings.
  • Reset your router settings.
  • Take a minute to update the router firmware to troubleshoot a network connection.
  • If nothing helped out then configure wireless power options.
  • Still, you are wondering why your HP laptop is not wondering then it is time to service the computer.

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