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How To Remove a Virus From iPhone? Simple Virus Removal Process

  • 21 May, 2022
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iPhones are best known for their fast, safe, and cutting-edge features. And in terms of security iPhones are just awesome. For cybercriminals and hackers, the security of iOS always has been a tough nut to crack. Reports show that iPhones users never have fallen victim to online criminals. But, this fact is not entirely true. If you get close to the ground level, you will find a totally different picture. A very less known fact is that many iPhone users have ended up losing confidential information to scammers while many others got their phones damaged due to viruses. That's why it becomes very important to learn how to remove a virus from iPhone.

This article will show you how to remove a virus from your iPhone for free. But, if you don't know whether or not there is any virus, you will never think to remove it. Sometimes, users fail to realize the presence of the virus in the iPhone and delays happened. Due to this, in the end, iPhone users are left with no option but to delete the data to eliminate the virus. If this is the case then you must contact us for fast troubleshooting and to save your data.

How do I know if my iPhone has a virus? It's important to find the answer to this question. So, let's start our discussion with this basic but important question.

How do I know if there is a virus on my iPhone?

A virus can make its way into your phone in so many ways. From a wrong tap on a suspicious link to downloading an infected file, there might be so many reasons. No matter how a virus enters your phone, one thing is clear that your iPhone will start working abnormally. If you be careful enough, you will be able to spot many symptoms that indicate the presence of a virus. However, some of the indications are easy to spot while few are difficult to identify. But, if you are finding the below-mentioned symptoms in your iPhone then the chances are high that your iPhone has got a virus.

Poor performance of your iPhone: Let's not forget one important fact - iPhones are designed to run fast. And if your brand new or old iPhone is not functioning as fast as it should then might be possible your phone has an unwanted guest. That unwanted guest might have a virus.

Family & friends are getting messages from your phone: This is the scariest part of the hacking. If your contacts are getting messages from your number without your knowledge then no proof is required to show that your phone has a virus. Not a simple virus but a very complex and typical one your iPhone has got.

Installation of the new app: Different viruses might have different aims. One of many malicious aims is to secretly download the apps into the victim's phone. In such cases, most of the time malicious and malware apps are installed for ill purposes.

Too many ads: Getting ads on all types of the phone is quite a normal thing. But, too many ads might result from the presence of a virus inside your phone.

Too much data consumption and decreased battery life: Virus or malware programs both have the ability to work silent more round the clock. To carry out the assigned work (nasty one) virus consumes data and battery power. If you have noticed a surprising rise in data and battery consumption of iPhone then you can conclude that there your phone has got infected with a virus.

Can iPhones get viruses from websites?

The million-dollar question among iPhone users is - Can iPhones get viruses from websites?

Yes. No matter what type of smartphone you have. If you don't follow the best internet practices then sooner or later your device will definitely be caught by the virus. As we are talking about iPhones and viruses then it is important to mention that the excessive use of a phone to watch and visit porn sites might lead your iPhone to have a virus. It is not like only the porn sites are responsible for sending a virus to the iPhones. Other less reliable sites, suspicious ads, and malicious downloads are equally responsible for infecting iPhone with a virus. So, caution is highly recommendable while navigating through the internet.

How to remove a virus from iPhone & iPads?

As you have learned how to check iPhone for viruses or malware, now let's proceed to one of the next important questions. How can you remove viruses from your iPhone for free?

Well, there are many ways to remove a virus from iPhone. Some are paid and some are free. If you think the free method of virus removal is not effective then you can't be more wrong. Below are mentioned the most effective virus removal processes that you can try with ease of mind:

Make sure your iOS is updated: By Just updating an iPhone software one can fix a lot of problems. Not only the viruses but you also can get rid of performance, speed, and safety-related concerns. To update your iOS, all you need is do is just tap the settings tab on your phone and then select "General". After that tap the software update button and follow the onscreen instructions.

Restart your iPhone to eliminate the virus: After a successful update, it is important to restart your iPhone. Once your phone reboot after turning on, hopefully, you will not find the virus.

Delete your iPhone's search browsing: If the virus lies in your browsing app then updating an iOS will not help. In such a case, you will require to clean the browsing history from your iPhone. To do so, you need to go to the settings tab and select the safari. Further, then choose clear history and website data. Finally, tap clear history and data.

Remove the suspicious apps from your iPhone: Deleting an infected app from your phone is the permanent solution to get rid of the virus. Gladly, the process to delete an app from iPhone is super simple. Just simply do a long press on the suspicious app icon and then tap the remove button. With the deletion of the app, the virus will also be deleted for always.  

Restore your iPhone to the previous stage: One sad truth is the fact that there are many such viruses that are pretty clever and sophisticated in nature. And when such a virus gets into the iPhone then unwantedly the stored data has to be deleted. But, this method is only good when you have saved the backup to iCloud. These are steps to delete data as well as the virus.

  • Go to the settings tab on your phone.
  • Select the General tab.
  • Tap reset and select "Erase all content and settings".
  • If you have already made a backup then choose "Erase Now". But, if you have stored backup then choose back up then erase.
  • Once you complete the deletion process then log in to your iCloud account and restore the backup. 

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