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Leaking Printer Cartridges: How To Fix HP Inkjet Leaking Cartridges?

  • 24 May, 2022
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Witnessing your HP leaking printer cartridges can turn your world into a panic-filled nightmare. You may have a rapidly approaching deadline overseen by your school teacher or client who won't care about your leaking printer cartridges. All they want is just clear hard copies of the project or work you are responsible to submit. In such a case where printer cartridges have miserably failed to meet the purpose, one might think that the whole world has turned hostile to me. At first glance, this thought might seem quite normal but this is not entirely true. Instant help is available even if everything seems to appear in going the opposite direction. You can contact us and fix your HP inkjet leaking cartridges in just a few minutes.

The problem of ink leaking from HP inkjet cartridges is quite normal and might happen with anyone without any prior hint. Hence, it is important to learn the basic tips and tricks with the help of which one can fix the leaking inkjet cartridges. You will be glad to know that the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps are universal and might be applied on all major brands of printers' inkjet cartridges. So, as we always do, let's start to form the basics.

Leaking Printer Cartridges: Why HP Printer leaking ink from the bottom

Why is my ink cartridge leaking? I get this question whenever I advise the users not to grow anxious if their black or color cartridge is leaking. If you also have this question in your mind then here I have got an answer to this question.

First thing first: HP Inkjet cartridges are not designed to refill. Like many other brands, HP never recommends users refill the inkjet cartridges. But, what people do is the opposite due to which they end up finding their cartridges are leaking either from the bottom side or heads.

Any physical damage or internal malfunction inside the cartridge or around the bottom stripes might also lead to leakages. In such a case you can't do much except buy the brand new HP Inkjet cartridges. However, let's not forget that HP is a big brand and its products come with the promise of high quality. So, contacting HP customer service can be a good idea to claim the warranty.

Well, as you have learned the possible reasons for leaking cartridges now let's proceed to learn the quick fixes for leaking ink cartridges HP.  

How To Fix HP Inkjet Leaking Cartridges?

As I have mentioned above, refilling a cartridge with too much ink always leads to leakages. So, the same might be the reason for your leaking cartridges. Worry not. With the help of the suction tool, you can easily suck the excessive ink out of the inkjet cartridge. These are the steps to follow to pull out the excess ink available inside your HP inkjet cartridges with the help of a suction tool (a needleless syringe tool)

  • First, turn off your printer and remove the power cable from the electrical outlet.
  • Now open the cover of your printer.
  • Then grab the inkjet leaking cartridge and pull it gently.
  • Clean the cartridge with a clean cotton or a piece of cloth.
  • Now have a closer look at your leaking cartridge and make sure there is no damage.
  • Turn upside down your leaking cartridge to expose the bottom stripes clearly.
  • Now put the front end of the suction tool on the stripes of the leaking cartridge.
  • After that gently pull the plunger, all the excessive ink will flow out and fill in the barrel.
  • Again clean the cartridge from all sides and reinstall it back to its dedicated place. 
  • Close the cover and turn your printer on.
  • Now use your printer and check if the leakage has been fixed or not. 
  • Consider changing your HP inkjet cartridges if they are still leaking. 

Note: Use only alcohol-based solution to clean the cartridge stripes and heads because water takes time to dry up and can spoil the electrical parts. It might further deteriorate the leakage problems from your HP inkjet cartridges. 

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