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How Do I Fix Norton Installation Error 8504, 104, 8506?

  • 25 May, 2022
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James Watson from Los Angeles had bought the Norton antivirus software for his brand new iMac device. He was quite excited to use his first laptop under the thick layer of protection of Norton's antivirus software. He set up his account on Norton and downloaded the latest version of Norton antivirus and then the worst happened: Norton installation error appeared. 8505 and 104 are referred to as the most frustrating Norton errors that might appear during installing the Norton antivirus program. The good news is that there are tips and tricks available with the help of which James Watson successfully fixed the errors. Those tips and tricks you also can learn by contacting us or keep on reading this helping post to educate yourself about how to fix Norton error 8504, 104, and more.

As we are talking about Norton installation errors it is important to mention that sometimes users might get an alert or message that reads like "An error has occurred when installing or uninstalling Norton". Or "Server Error - We are working to resolve an issue that prevents us from completing your request". This quick article will help you understand the simple steps to fix all types of Norton installation errors and messages that most often occur while installation.

What are Norton installation errors 8505, 104, 8506? 

There are plenty of errors one might come across on Norton. But, among so many errors, Norton errors 8505, and 104 are quite popular. On the other hand, due to some external factors, Norton error 8506 might appear before or after installing the Norton antivirus software. In other words, we can say, whenever a conflict occurs between two software or between device and software then such kinds of errors come into existence. The actual reasons behind such errors vary from simple to critical. But, worry not. If you follow the below steps in the sequence I have laid out, you will definitely be able to fix the Norton error 8506, 104, 8506 and more. 

How to fix Norton Antivirus error 8504, 104?

A failed installation of Norton software on a computer or phone most often leads to having error 8506 or 105. So, taking steps in advance to ensure seamless installation is a must. Consider removing other antivirus programs if you have any installed already. Making sure that your device has minimum system requirements can also be really helpful to install the Norton antivirus software without any error.

But, what if you have found a Norton antivirus error after following the two suggestions as mentioned above?

Stop growing anxious anymore. Why? Because simple solutions are available at your fingertips. Let's have a quick look at the simple steps you can follow to fix Norton errors one by one:

Restart Your Computer or Phone To Fix Norton Installation Error

Let's not forget that an electronic device has its own restrictions. It starts feeling exhausted after constant and long use. And when it starts feeling exhausted then a technical glitch comes on the surface. In such a case, a simple restart of the device can do wonders to rejuvenate the device. So, without any second thought first, close all the programs and restart your device.  

Remove Non-Norton Security Product Or Unsupportive Programs

Many software comes with such features that conflict with other software of the same use. For example, if you have password manager software, VPN, SafeCam, Malware, or Ransomware software installed on your device from any other brand than Norton then the chances of conflict are for sure. This further led to having installation errors like 8504 or 104. And when such a conflict occurs then you don't have many options to choose from. In such a case uninstalling the Non-Norton product can be the best thing to do. So, take a minute to find out which tool is acting as rebellious against Norton, and then consider removing it from your device.

Fix - An Error Has Occurred Problem When Installing Or Uninstalling Norton

Apart from the Norton error numbers 8504 and 104, users might get such frustrating messages as well. Thankfully, to deal with such a technical flaw, Norton has put in place a nearly perfect tool known as Norton remove and reinstall tool. This tool can help you to remove and reinstall the tool with ease of mind and flush out the bugs and viruses if there are any hidden somewhere inside your device or software. These are the steps

  • So, as a first step download, the Norton remove and reinstall tools.
  • After downloading the remove and reinstall tool, press the Ctrl+J key.
  • Now double-click on the NRnR icon available on the screen.
  • To proceed further, it is important to click agree.
  • After that click advanced options and then choose to Remove only.
  • To confirm the action, again click remove.
  • Finally, if everything looks fine then click Restart Now.
  • Right from here, you need to follow the instructions to reinstall the uninstalled program back to your device.
  • Now hopefully, Norton error 8504 or 104 will have gone along with a message that reads "An error has occurred".

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