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Asus Laptop Black Screen Of Death: Fix Black Screen Of Asus Laptop

  • 25 May, 2022
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Asus is said to be the manufacturer of fast, reliable, and powerful laptops in the world. But, the black screen of death is still a major problem. From the black screen of death, I am referring to the situation when the Asus laptop screen turns black after sleep or starts up with no BIOS. If this is the case with you, worry not. This quick helping post is all about how to fix Asus laptop black screen of death in simple steps.

The problem of Asus laptop black screen of death might seem obvious with old laptops due to the exhausted and worn-out hardware parts. But if your laptop is brand new and it is showing you a black screen then contacting the Asus customer service for free replacement can be your best bet. Else, you can contact us and get assistance.

The solution to the problem of the Asus laptop black screen of death lies in understanding first the reasons that lead to the screen going black. That's why as we always do, let's begin with one of the most commonly asked questions- What is the problem if your Asus laptop screen turns black?

Why is my Asus laptop screen black when I turn it on?

It might be the first question that comes to mind with frustration whenever a black screen all of sudden appears in front of you. Well, the answer to this question might further aggravate your frustration as there are a number of reasons behind the Asus laptop black screen of death. Some of the common reasons I have mentioned below:

  • The broken or loose-fitting connection between the laptop to a battery.
  • Malfunctioned graphics-card or infected drivers.
  • A hardware defect in your screen.
  • Presence of virus or bug.
  • Confliction between two or more software installed in the laptop.
  • Incompatibility between hardware and software.
  • Faulty power supply between battery and GPU can lead to Asus laptop black screen, no bios.
  • Infected hard disk, ram, or motherboard can also result in Asus desktop black screen on startup.

How do I fix my Asus laptop black screen of death?

As there are many reasons behind the Asus laptop black screen of death, there are many solutions as well. How early you fix the problem of black screen problem depends on how early you spot the root cause of the problem.

Whether your Asus laptop screen is turning black while rebooting or the screen is not just turning on, in both cases one thing is clear. Checking the power connection and screen is the first step towards fixing the black screen problem in the Asus laptop. With that being I mean, you need to make sure that the battery is properly connected to the terminals. Cleaning the terminal of the battery and your laptop might be a good idea. If the Asus black screen problem does not go away then you don't need to worry because there are a few more ways available with the help of which you can fix the problems. Get more information in the following section. 

Connect Your Operating System To Asus Display

It is important to have a seamless connection between your operating system and the Asus display. As long as both are connected to each other, your Asus screen will not turn out black unless there is a hardware fault. But, the million-dollar question is how to connect an Asus display to the operating system if they are not connected already due to any whatsoever reason. The answer is simple. All you need to do is just press the Ctrl, Shift, and B keys altogether. Once you do so, your operating system automatically will connect to your Asus laptop display. Once the connection is reset, Asus black screen of death will be solved.

Keep Away Your Asus Laptop From Wet or Damp Area

We all know that water is the enemy of almost all electronic products. What you might have not known is the fact that the dampness and moisture both are as dangerous as the water is for laptops. Be informed that the long exposure of laptops to the dampening area might lead to so many problems. Among so many problems that might result from moisture around the area where you keep the laptop is getting your laptop screen black. So, the idea here is to keep your Asus laptop away from moisture and dampness as much as possible. And always keep the area dry where you keep your laptop.

Uninstall and Reinstall Hard Disk With F2 Key

Sometimes after long use of a laptop, the hard disk drive gets exhausted and then causes a problem. In such a case, you should refresh it to bring it to the normal working condition. Before everything else, first press the F2 key and power button together for a few seconds. If the black screen problem does not go away then without any second thought remove the hard drive. After that, turn on your laptop and enter BIOS. Once the default settings get loaded, insert the Hard Disk Drive and then further select "Saves Changes and Exit".

Hard Reset Your Asus Laptop

If all the above-mentioned steps have failed to fix Asus black screen of death then worry not. There are a few more steps with the help of which you can bring your dead screen back to the work. What exactly you can do is to hard reset your Asus laptop. It is super simple. Just first turn off your laptop, remove all the connected devices, disconnect the battery from the laptop and leave it as it is for at least 30 seconds. Then, insert the battery and turn on the power. Hopefully, the black screen problem will resolve. If not then it is time to get more technical.

 You can consider a few more steps such as you can disable the fast startup on your Windows 10 (if you’re using it), run the Explorer.exe process when the Caps lock is on, restore your system, and use safe mode in your Asus laptop to fix the back screen problem.

In addition to using the safe mode, you can consider changing the graphic card & drive. If you install the BIOS update that will be appreciable in case of Asus laptop screen turning black when the device is powering on. 

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