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Fix Brother Printer Drum Error - Steps To Fix Drum Error On Brother Printer

  • 20 May, 2022
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No matter what type of laser printer you use. One thing is clear that sooner or later you will definitely find printer drum errors. But, lucky are those users who use Brother Printers. Why? Because there are some simple tips and tricks available with the help of which you can fix Brother Printer Drum Error with ease of mind. If your needs are urgent, you can contact us for immediate assistance. Else, continue to read this helping post and learn how to remove the drum unit of the Brother Printer to fix the error. As you continue to read this quick helping post you will also get an overview of the resetting process. So, let's get started.


What causes drum error on the Brother Printer?

Good question! It is important to understand first the responsible reasons that lead to Brother Printer Drum Error. Why? Because if you know the reason then the troubleshooting process gets simple automatically. Otherwise, you might have to apply all the troubleshooting steps as mentioned in this blog post which might take a few minutes. So, let's get started.


The first step to fix the problem is to determine what kind of error you are getting. Be informed that there are two types of Brother Printer Drum Errors. One is the Brother Printer drum error slide green tab and the second is the Brother Printer drum error slide blue tab. With that being said, I mean, on the screen of your Brother Printer any of these two errors might appear. Below are mentioned the common possible reasons for all types of Brother Printer Drum Error.

  • Corona wire on the drum is dirty or damaged.
  • Drum contacts that look like staples and a metal rod might have dirt.
  • Having worn out or expired drum life could also be a reason for the error.
  • Incorrect fitment & setting of the drum is one of the most common but forgettable reasons for Brother Printer Drum Error.  

How to remove the drum unit Brother Printer to install a new one?

Brother Printer is known for its simple printing, scanning, and photocopying features. The same level of simplicity could be found in the process of removing the Brother Printer drum. These are steps to follow:


  • So, as a first step, make sure the machine is turned off.
  • Now gently open the front cover of the printer.
  • Once you open the front cover, the toner and drum assembly will come to your view.
  • If you look carefully, you will find a green color lock lever. Push it down to get access to the drum.
  • Now hold the drum and gently take it out.   
  • After that unpack the new drum unit and insert the toner in the drum.
  • Now slide the green tab from left to right several times to clean to make sure there is no obstruction.
  • Finally, install the drum and toner assembly in the machine and close the front cover.   

How do you reset the drum on a Brother Printer?

As you have successfully learned how to install the drum, now let's proceed to the next question - how to reset Brother Drum? It is super simple. If you have installed a brand new drum with the help of the below-mentioned steps you can reset your Brother Printer drum:  

  • Tap 3 and 9 at the same time.
  • After that select the drum and press OK.
  • Press the upside or downside arrow key to choose the color of the drum you replaced.
  • Now tap 1 to reset the drum and then press the Stop/Exit button.

How do I fix the Brother Printer drum error slide blue tab?

Frankly speaking, your first question must be - how to clean Brother Printer Drum? Why? Because the printer drum's error slide blue tab could be resolved by just cleaning the drum. All you need to do is just first turn off the power of your printer and open the front cover of your printer and then simply clean the corona wire. Also, you need to clean the contact point of the drum such as the road, staple pin, and bars. Most importantly, make sure you always use a genuine Brother Drum unit and toner cartridge.


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