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Canon Printer Setup and Installation – Step-by-Step Process

  • 26 May, 2022
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An Introduction to Canon Pixa ix6820 Printer Setup

If you are also looking for ways to do the Canon Pixa ix6820 Printer Setup for the canon printer you have landed on the right page. Although a canon printer is easy and effective to use by individuals and makes the working super smooth. But sometimes the working of the canon printer gets hampers when various errors occur in the printer. There are several errors such as Canon Printer Not Printing, how to do Brother Printer Setup and Installation, how to set up Epson Printer Offline, and how to do Canon Pixa ix6820 Printer Setup. These are the main issues that can be seen while working in canon Printers. In this article, we have explained various ways to do Canon Pixa ix6820 Printer Setup on your windows and even on your Mac.

Steps for Canon Pixa ix6820 Printer Setup – Wireless connection

Below are the steps to set up the wireless connection for Canon Pixa ix6820 Printer. Don’t miss any of the steps and set up your printer offline.

- Begin with turning on the Canon Pixa ix6820 Printer, you can ensure by seeing the white power lamp that will get lit after turning on.

- Ensure that the button should be ready to be pressed.

- Now hold on to the Wi-Fi button named A till you see the white power lamp flashing. Following that release the printer Wi-Fi button after a flash.

- Make sure the blue Wi-Fi lamp do flashes as soon as the white power lamp lights up.

- After that press and hold on to the access point within two minutes.

- At this point ensure that both your blue Wi-Fi lamp and white power lamps are flashing on and are lit.

- Your Canon Pixa ix6820 Printer Setup – Wireless connection is now ready to use.

How to do Canon ix6820 Printer Wireless Setup on Windows: Follow the below steps to set up Canon ix6820 Printer Wireless on your windows easily.

- Start by making sure that the printer, the router, and windows PC are all turned on then begin the wireless setup process.

- Following which connects your Canon ix6820 Printer through a wireless router. After that by clicking canon.com/ijsetup download the printer driver on your windows.

- In the next step choose the model of the printer and choose the download button by clicking on it.

- After completing the downloading process, double click on the printer driver software and open the setup. This will finish the installation process.

- Open the CONTROL PANEL, select DEVICES AND PRINTERS after that click ADD PRINTER. You will find this on the left side of your window screen.

- A list of printers will appear, select your printer from that list. This process will take some time.

- You can view in the device and printer section if your printer is added or not. You can test it by giving a print.

Steps for Canon Pixa ix6820 Printer Setup – Wired connection

- Turn on Canon Pixa ix6820 Printer.

- You will be requiring an ethernet cable. By removing cap B from the upper port from the back of your Canon Pixa ix6820 Printer.

- Connect your printer and network device via the ethernet cable C. Make sure that you do not connect it to the USB port.

- Now you have to keep on pressing the RESUME/CANCEL button till the lamp flashes at least 11 times after that release the button and the wired connection will be set up.

- Visit the Canon official website and download the printer driver. From the printer, list choose your printer model and select the DOWNLOAD option.

- After download completion, hover over to the printer driver package and open setup. Following which finishes the installation process by following the on-screen instructions.

- Open the CONTROL PANEL from the RUN panel and then select the DEVICES AND PRINTERS from the second visible window.

- Hover over to the upper left corner and click ADD PRINTER. A list of installed printers will be visible to you. From this list select your printer model and wait for some time.

- You can now see your Canon printer in the DEVICES AND PRINTERS section.

Ways to do Canon ix6820 Printer Wireless Setup on Mac

- Start by making sure that both your printer and system are completely connected when you have switched on the Wi-Fi and printer.

- Following the above steps connect your printer to your Wi-Fi. After that download and install the latest version of your printer driver by visiting the official canon website and following the on-screen instructions to finish the process.

- Visit your Apple menu and select SYSTEM PREFERENCES. After that choose PRINTERS AND SCANNERS from the next windows.

- Select the + sign, you can find this on the corner left of the screen. Select your printer from the list and wait for a few minutes for the connection to get established. Now the Canon ix6820 printer is now connected to your Mac.

Final Remark

We have tried and explained every step in setting up your Canon ix6820 printer both in windows and mac. We have also shared both the ways via wired and wireless connection. Hopefully, this article is of your use.

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